4 Most Fundamental Exercises

One of my favorite questions I was asked while speaking at @hpltraining was: What is the single best exercise to do❓

1️⃣ The deadlift, but it has to be progressed to your level of fitness. That could be a kettlebell, hex bar, or traditional barbell deadlift. Being able to pick something up off the ground is simply as functional as it gets.

2️⃣ The next best exercise in my opinion is the goblet squat, because you have to pick an object off the ground, bring it to your chest, brace properly, and then be able to bring it back down and up.

3️⃣ My third would be variations of carries, whether that’s a single-arm farmers walk or a single-arm overhead carry. This allows you to pick up an object from the ground, bring it to your chest, move from point A to point B with it, and even above your head. They all heavily emphasize good posture, different forms of mobility, and stability.

4️⃣ Then I think the fourth is pullups. This is a highly functional movement. You want to be able to control your own bodyweight. Who doesn’t want to be able to climb a tree or scale a mountain? People often neglect posterior chain, everyone is obsessed with abs and chest but the reality is it doesn’t get much more functional than training your back.

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