About Me

Jacob Zemer

Is a performance coach in the Westchester NY area. He has spent over 20 years refining his approach to fitness, holds over a dozen certifications in both exercise and nutrition and has been regularly featured in the media to share his unique methodology. Jacob has been featured in both live and pre-recorded television segments, is regularly invited to speak at live events and has been spotlighted in multiple print publications. 

Jacob’s message and approach to nutrition and fitness is clear, relatable, and most importantly, sustainable. He is able to break down the steps necessary to reach a client’s goal in a way that ensures long term success. His compelling messaging draws parallels between fitness and every day life that brings clarity to an industry flooded with gimmicks and quick fixes. 

Jacob uses science-based coaching methods and accountability to help people exceed their health and fitness goals and unleash their best self. He takes years of experience and a results-driven methodology to make it as EASY as possible for clients to perform to their true potential.