Client spotlight: Charlie

Client spotlight: Charlie Rusch @charlayyyroosch is a coaching client on @getverb who lost 45lbs in 7 months working with me. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“Jacob has helped transform all aspects of my life. He helped install a game plan with a set goal in mind, and made it really easy to understand that sticking to the script will lead to results.

At the beginning, tracking meals, hitting protein goals and even staying in a calorie deficit was a challenge, but once I was acclimated it became second nature. I was able to make substitutions in my diet while still being able to eat the majority of foods that I enjoy. Finding lower calorie and higher protein food sources has become a fun part of my grocery hauls while also focusing on including high fiber sources. In terms of the workouts, he’s laid out specific plans tailored to my goals and helped me really dial in and get stronger over several months.

My conversations with Jacob have always been great and he’s always willing to point you in the right direction while encouraging you to push yourself harder. Thanks to the help from Jacob I’ve lost 45lbs, I have a lot more energy and focus, and I’ve been able to really change my habits and push myself to get better every day. The main thing that I’ve learned is that consistency is what ultimately leads to the result. I’ve cut back my alcohol intake and for the most part don’t let weekends take me off track.”

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