Client spotlight: Dylan

Client spotlight: Dylan @itsdylanralston is a coaching client on @getverb. He had an amazing transformation and got absolutely shredded while working with me. I only had the pleasure of meeting Dylan in person once in Denver but he has been fantastic to work with. People frequently sign up for coaching when they have an opportunity to hear me speak, which I’m doing more and more of. Here’s what he had to say:

“I came to Jacob because I wanted to take out the guesswork when it came to the combination of nutrition, bodybuilding and endurance training. I wanted to improve my physique by gaining muscle and reducing body fat while also becoming a faster runner who could run for longer.

Some of the biggest things that Jacob helped me change were:
• More consistency in the gym with weight lifting
• An amazing lifting plan
• A reliable framework for nutrition (protein floor, fiber floor, calorie ceiling)
• Accountability with daily checkins

I like working with Jacob because he has an immense wealth of knowledge, helpful tips, and he will give it to you straight. He has helped me improve my discipline and focus and that has delivered results.

This program has stuck with me because the framework makes sense, it’s backed by science, it delivers results, and it’s not overly restrictive or painful.

My results so far have been that I’ve dropped over 10 pounds while increasing my strength and power in all lifts and increasing my running speed and endurance. My body fat percentage has dropped and I look and feel amazing!”

Link in bio to change your life.

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