Client spotlight: John Sanchez

Client spotlight: John Sanchez, @sanchez.johnm is a coaching client who has been working with me on @getverb for two months. He lost 15lbs.  I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him in person but he absolutely crushed this process. Here is what he had to say:

“I trusted in your expertise because of the science based insights you delivered that made this change seem attainable through consistency and hard work. I was looking to drop some dead weight (10-15 lbs) while adding muscle (2 lbs total while losing fat!!). Muscle gain will be a slow and steady progress and I am more than pleased with my 60 day progress. Changing the way I viewed portion size, tracking my macros while cooking the foods I enjoy made this change adaptable to be long lasting. Jacob is direct and our relationship was very much results driven which led to a strong shoulder to shoulder mentality that helped me win in the moments that mattered most… it’s all about accountability to each other and to altering habits until they become second nature. Once the momentum started to build the process only became easier and easier. Your body is an engine and Jacob has the skill set to help it reach optimal potential. Period. Overall I feel stronger, mentally sharp, motivated, and I’ve learned how to keep my body in performance mode… the results noted in the pictures are simply a byproduct of the greater benefits that I have obtained from this process. A sincere depth of gratitude to Jacob and his laser focus on the ability to motivate and inspire greatness in the small daily wins that lead to a fuller life… Lets keep going!”

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