Client Spotlight: Ryan

Client spotlight: Ryan is a personal training client.

“Jake had a huge impact on my performance in and out of the water.

I had given myself a goal this past summer to complete 2 big open water swims. The first, being Swim Across America which is a charity swim raising money for cancer research. I participated in a 10k swim where 7 individuals started from Glen Cove, Long Island to Larchmont, NY. The swim was a major success not only from a charity standpoint, but I shaved 30 minutes off my previous 10k swim in 2021. Dealing with strong currents, choppy waves, and an abundance of marine life to navigate through. My training with Jake had a huge contribution not only from a physical standpoint, but mentally as well. From high intensity workouts to pushing my body to limits while focusing on core and strength, the swim would have been a much more grueling experience.

While riding this high, I was invited to compete in a US National Masters Open Water event held in Lake George, NY. Over 110 people nationwide competing in a 10k race , I finished 2nd for my age group, and a personal best time of 2hr18min. Almost a full hour ahead of my Swim Across America race. Now there were not as many arduous factors such as waves and marine life, but swimming this length and time without stopping for food (gels,snacks,etc) or water, really tested my limits. And I succeeded.

Week by week, Jake was there to support and push me. This winter I’m focusing more on building more muscle, hoping to add 10-12lbs of quality muscle, all while being able to keep a sprinter’s swim schedule. I will cut down the swim yardage drastically, but still keep training to maintain speed work.”

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