Do Push-ups Build Muscle?

Are push-ups efficient to build muscle❓ It depends how strong you are.

If you can do 30+ reps of push-ups with ease, then it’s not sufficient for building strength or muscle. They could still be useful for general physical preparedness or to throw in the midst of a circuit. But if you want to build muscle or get stronger, you’re going to need something more challenging. Here are two push-up progressions.

1️⃣ Deficit push-ups: A greater range of motion on your push-up = a more difficult push-up. You’ll get a deep stretch at the bottom with this progression.

2️⃣ Weighted push-ups: Throw a weight on your back or put some miscellaneous objects in a backpack. Now you have a greater load which, if it results in you being able to get less than 30 reps, means it becomes useful for building muscle.

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