Fact: all protein powders are processed. Chobani makes a pre-made Greek yogurt shake.

I personally use protein powder on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong with having it as part of your diet. It’s a great way to supplement for additional protein.

However, it’s definitely a processed food, and many protein powders contain metallics. Some people are interested in alternative ways to hit their protein requirements day in and day out that involve more minimally processed options. @chobani Complete and Zero Sugar may be the perfect convenient option to help you hit your protein goals.

⚠️ Again, I’m not about demonizing food or fear mongering. I do have protein powder in my diet. I don’t have it every single day, but that’s because i’ve been doing this a long time and I’m able to get my protein requirements without it. It’s a perfectly viable option for people who are newer to their fitness journey. I just want to provide an answer for those who are looking for a less processed alternative.

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