Fellippe is a coaching client who lost 25lbs working with me

Client spotlight: Fellippe @ninester79 is a coaching client on @getverb who lost approximately 25lbs. I’ve run into him a couple of times at @greenlifeny and only had the pleasure of training with him once in person. Here’s what he had to say:

“I reached out to Jacob after seeing his no-nonsense approach on his Instagram videos, and the fact that he really cares about the results and not about telling people what they want to hear. I wanted to lose a lot of weight and at least get on a path to do it on my own. I looked at some testimonials online and figured I should give him a try.

The biggest habit change Jacob introduced to me was tracking my food. It was the very first thing he asked of me during our intro call, and it’s sobering to see how quickly calories add up during the day.

I really liked having the day to day interaction on text to be able to make the subtle tweaks necessary to get where I needed to go. The difference between doing this yourself versus with someone good isn’t night and day as far as the effort, but just being able to make the right decisions so as not to lose momentum. Also being able to adjust for social outings was something I didn’t know was possible, and he made it easy to do so.

I love Jacob’s directness and ability to be tough when needed, but at the same time he’s also very encouraging and will let you know that you’ve done well. It takes a special kind of temperament to be able to be good at this, and he has that.

For this reason I’ve stuck with him, and also being able to lose 6-8 lbs a month is another! He talked a big game and delivered even bigger, so you have to love that.

Besides being in the best shape in a very long time, I feel like any kind of fitness goal I wish to achieve is achievable now.”

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