Seed Oil: Majoring in the Minor

Why does Paul Saladino have his shirt off at the grocery store? It’s been the consensus of nutritionists for decades that most of what you eat should be coming from single-ingredient foods, so at least he and I can agree on that. You should be doing your best to avoid foods with nutrition labels on them for a plethora of reasons, probably the least of which is seed oil.

Americans are suffering from obesity at an astounding rate. This is because of our sedentary lifestyles and our massive portion sizes. I would absolutely agree that most of your food should be coming from protein and fruits, but where we disagree drastically is that plants are dangerous for human beings to consume. We are omnivores, our ancestors have been surviving primarily on a diet of vegetation for centuries. I mean how f***ing hard do you think it was to kill a woolly mammoth with a piece of rock attached to a stick to form a spear?

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