V Shred is a Private Equity Fund

V Shred is not a human being, he’s a private equity fund. I’ve got news for you: Influencers with big followings are making big bucks (including me). It’s over the heads of everyday Americans because it’s not a traditional career path and it’s not a brick and mortar business- but the private equity fund known as V Shred spent $150 million last year on advertising alone. It’s worked out for them because they grossed $400 million in return.

I think it’s incredible to be able to make money from helping people. But these motherf***ers aren’t helping people. They are peddling the same old nonsense from the 1990s: Cardio makes you fat. Certain foods lower your testosterone. And you know what the answer to all your problems is? Our supplement that we’re selling you. The solution to the body you’ve always wanted isn’t a f***ing pill.

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