10 Sets a Week Per Muscle Group

Ten sets a week per muscle group is optimal for building muscle. I break this up into two sessions that are 3-4 days apart.

An example would be, on Monday I train approximately 5 sets of chest and Thursday I’m back in the gym training for roughly another 5 sets of chest. It’s important that all these sets are taken to near failure. I am not holding back, I pushing myself past my comfort zone. By the time I am done with these 5 sets I would no longer be able to lift effectively, I’d have to dramatically lower my weights to keep training. (Let me know if you want to see a post on training to failure.)

I typically break these five sets into two exercises that hit different muscles within the muscle group. By the end of the week I’ve done 10 sets, four different exercises that allow for complete development of the muscle.

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