9️⃣ weeks to Italy: Deload chest session

This week is a deload for me. I’m training chest and shoulders in this video. So I just got through 8 really brutal weeks of training and my body is fatigued. Now I want to deload so that I’m resensitized for the next 8 weeks of training. I’m going on vacation to Italy in 9 weeks so this is perfect because I can spend this first week training in a conservative fashion (deloading) followed by 8 intense weeks leading up to my vacation, and then I can deload again while I’m in Florence and Tuscany.

When I deload, I do 70% of the volume (the number of sets) that I normally do. I keep my rep scheme consistent with those that I used for the last 8 weeks of training, but the weight that I use is 70% less than I normally would. So if I normally flat press 110lbs, I might only use 75lb dumbbells during my deload.

Here’s what my first deload session looks like.
➡️ 2 warmup sets of flat dumbbell bench press
1️⃣ 3 working sets of flat dumbbell bench press (10 reps)
2️⃣ Incline dumbbell bench press (2×10 reps)
3️⃣ Across-the-body cable lateral raises (3×15 reps)
4️⃣ Seated face pulls (3×15 reps)
*Reminder: These are all done with 70% of the weight I usually use.

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