Client spotlight: Clayton

Client spotlight: Clayton is a coaching client on @getverb and trains with me in person. He’s lost over 50lbs with me in the past 5 months.

“I had pretty much hit rock bottom with my health and weight. Being in the restaurant business, my working life revolves around food. My relationship with the bar, restaurant, ice cream shop and movie theater concessions stand was unhealthy. A quick drink or two at the bar turned into late night second dinners then a stop at the ice cream shop for a quick scoop or two or a milkshake. I had given up even trying and was just stuffing myself full and chasing sugar crashes with more sugar. But then I ran into a friend who described how he got results with Jacob’s guidance and I reached out. I was looking to just be better.

Tracking calories changed everything for me. The unthoughtful eating at all hours of the day and night turned into better decisions and eventually no decisions at all. The accountability of tracking calories for daily check ins on what was consumed the day before really helped get it in line. Adding the purposeful strength and cardio plans Jacob provided to achieve discussed goals led to making better choices.

I like his kind but firm and no-nonsense approach to everything as well as his bottomless depth of nutritional knowledge to answer questions I had throughout the day.”

Link in bio to change your life.

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