Client spotlight: Jason

Client spotlight: Jason Michael @jasongmichael only lost 5lbs with me but clearly his body changed. Some clients are good candidates for what we call recomp, which is when a client get leaner while at the same time building muscle. Not every client is the right candidate for this sort of transformation, you have to have slightly visible abs and be prepared to up your game in the gym. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Jason in person but he was an excellent client on @getverb.

Here’s what he had to say about working with me:

“Like most guys, I figured I knew everything I needed to know about my own health and wellness. I ran and worked out daily, told myself I ate healthy. But it felt like I was simply maintaining mediocrity for years. Then we had our third child and I was on the wrong side of 40 with a newborn baby. So I did the hardest thing a man can do: I slid into Jacob’s DMs for help.

From day one, Jacob made me realize I’d been an idiot with food. All the ‘healthy’ things I thought I was eating were just holding me back- who knew giant spoonfuls of peanut butter in a smoothie weren’t ideal? He personalized a meal plan for me and tracked every calorie I put in my body. It infuriated me because I could have been doing this years ago. It also infuriated me because I knew if I slipped up, I’d have a text from Jacob calling me out. But he forever changed the way I approach food. I’d heard it before but Jacob finally got me to understand that 90% of being fit starts in the kitchen.

Jacob was responsive and understanding that eating healthy shouldn’t be a prison. He constantly stressed the importance of finding food you enjoy and providing recommendations based on my favorite meals.”

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