How to Hire a Personal Trainer

How to hire a personal trainer:

1️⃣ Get to know them. Watch how they interact in the gym or follow them for a period of time on social media. Better yet, do both. You want somebody who’s actively training people, actively training themselves, and they’re engaged with their clients.

2️⃣ Ask them some questions.
🔹What certifications do you have?
🔹What do you specialize in? (Don’t let them BS you and tell them they do everything. They’re better at some things than others.)
🔹Who do you typically work with? (Athletes, kids, executives, etc.)

3️⃣ Are they working out themselves? I don’t care if it’s politically incorrect, trainers should be in shape. The hardest part about the gym is getting to it in the first place. Their career is literally at the gym. They have zero excuses. If they can’t follow a diet themselves, they won’t be able to help you either. If they recently made a career change, they’re going to be pretty new at this, and you don’t want to be the guinea pig.

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