My Fitness Resolutions for 2023

These are not just my New Year’s resolutions, they’ve been my fitness goals for some time. I’m going to continue to hone in on these for 2023. These are my 3 fitness priorities.

1️⃣Continue to grow my quads and my calves: Vanity is f***ing important and so is the size of your calves. I’m going to be training calves 4-6 days per week doing lots of volume. My quads are teetering on being 30 inches, let’s break the barrier.

2️⃣Continue to lower my body fat: Presently my body fat is between 10-12%. I’d personally like to have between 8-10%. I’m going to achieve this by maintaining a caloric deficit, continuing to use testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and weight training intensely 6 days per week.

3️⃣Improve cardiovascular health: My VO2max, resting heart rate, and lab markers are all in a good place, but I’m not getting any younger. I’m looking to put more and more emphasis on cardiovascular health. In fact, after Operation More Swole Calves & Quads is complete I want to scale myself down from 240lbs lean to closer to 230lbs lean.

Need help achieving your own New Year’s fitness resolutions? Link in bio 💪

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