Question: “What makes a great coach❓”

Question: “What makes a great coach❓”
Answer: I help people change their lives through 3 principles.

1️⃣Accountability: I’m a hyper-direct individual. I believe in the power of appointment. If people don’t show up, they’re going to get charged. When they’re in the session with me I’m going to ask them about their eating and sleeping habits. Training is one hour of the day, but the other 23 hours matter.

2️⃣Inspiration: I push people out of their comfort zones, whether that’s what they think they’re capable of doing with their nutrition or what they think they’re capable of achieving in the gym. I help people take their fitness lifestyle to the next level by offering confidence and encouragement.

3️⃣Empowerment: I’ve been doing this full time in the Westchester area for 7 years now. I’ve run a massive coaching business for the last 2 years. I’ve helped hundreds of people lose weight. I focus on the major and not the minor. I understand clientele between the ages of 30-55 who have demanding careers and families.

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