Ruby and Bella’s | Jacob Zemer

We’re at Ruby and Bella’s in Greenwich, CT. I looked at the menu ahead of time and set a game plan.

Dieting is always about considering the context. It’s Wednesday afternoon. Yes, I’m enjoying a delicious meal, but I’m still tracking and staying within my calorie goal.

If this was a special occasion, I would mitigate the damage by lessening my calories throughout the day, then have some incredible filet mignon and crispy calamari. I would still do my best to stay within my calorie goal, and I wouldn’t even be eating this way to begin with if I hadn’t been successfully dieting all week long. Life is about enjoying moderation. You pick and choose the moments you enjoy while still staying consistent.

I am a personal trainer, speaker and accountability coach based in Westchester, NY. I hold over 12 nationally recognized certifications in the field including: NASM, ISSN, Precision Nutrition, Exos, Equinox, and more. Beyond my 10+ years in the fitness industry, I spend 3,200+ hours each year working with a wide range of clients – from CEOs to ex-athletes.

My science-based coaching methods & accountability help people to exceed their health & fitness goals and unleash their best self. I’ve distilled years of experience and a results-driven methodology down to make it as easy as possible for clients to perform to their true potential.


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