Brothers who barbell clean together stay together 💪.

Clients spotlight: Thad, Will & Pete. Brothers/brother-in-law who all work with me; these three decided to get serious about barbell cleans a couple of months ago in the past week they all hit PRs on the movement.

Thad came to me never having hit beyond 145 lbs this past week he hit 190 lbs at a body weight of ~152 lbs.

Will’s personal record was 185 lbs, last week he hit 205 lbs, and this week he got 225 lbs easy.

Peter had done 225 lbs before, but in recent years hadn’t lifted beyond 135 on a bar and mostly just ran. He PR’d 245 lbs this week.

Clients routinely come in to see me to change their bodies, perform at new levels and feel better.

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