Technical Failure

I talk all the time on this channel about how it’s necessary to train near to failure in order to get results in your training. But there’s an important distinction to make between complete failure and technical failure. Here I demonstrate examples with both a tricep extension and a squat.

➡️ Technical failure is achieved with a tricep extension when I am no longer able to complete the full range of motion. This means that I can no longer completely straighten my arms with my shoulder blades squeezed together at the bottom of the motion. I resist the urge to compensate by using my body’s own weight to help me complete the range of motion, instead I push myself through each and every single rep until I know that I can’t complete another.

➡️ In the example of the squat, it’s much clearer what complete failure looks like. Because if you’re squatting with a barbell on your back and you can’t get up, there’s an element of danger. Most people would never train this way while squatting due to the risk. In case they squat near to failure, where they know if they were to do a couple more reps they would not be able to get back up. It’s very important to maintain technique even when training near to failure.

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